Doms Gauge – Breath Of Life Remix (Florence + The Machine)

I took a Florence + The Machine song, made a beat out of it, wrote a verse to it and recorded it in one take.. check it out!

“Old Soul in a Young Body” the debut album from Doms Gauge coming soon…


young man with big dreams
wrote my first rap at eleven
been in the lab since sixteen
now I’m blessed to be 21
at times I thought it would never come
cuz I’ve witnessed first hand it don’t get to happen to everyone
this world just takes so many young
old soul in young body
wont stop till my name ring bells
like you’re checking in at the front lobby, hotel desk
get a room might smash yo chick till the hoe yell yes
writing like I want a nobel prize
learn the name D O M S
Doms Gauge, my times awaiting
on my grizzly you hibernating
if these lames get in my way
tell em run for the hills like Iron Maiden
I am Raiden because I’m shocking the game get it
stay grinding no skate park bout to take charge like I paid credit
this is now a conversation with a constellation
nah I’m just a star in the making making you look
telling the world my story this is a page in my book
I’ve been coping with emotions thats why i’m blazing this kush
and I’m day dreaming, straight scheming
trying to find a way out
been working hard shooting 4 the stars
seeing how this life gone play out
anticipating just whats in store
bout to win and then up the score
if you just give me a shot then I’m gonna get what i’m gunning for
I’m running towards the top
and I cant wait till I get there
looking for a breath of life or at least a breath of fresh air
I roam alone when its late at night
go for broke till I pay the price
theres no cheat codes in this game of life
so you just gotta learn how to play it right

Video Faceoff – Vote Doms Gauge – Shoot 4 The Sky

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